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Whitney Jordan
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Whitney Jordan
The Federalists
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28 years old
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female (she/her)
adviser (former social worker)
out of character
contact info:
discord: supercaliy#7434
last character:
dylan grayson
face claim:

  • maternal
  • loyal
  • intelligent
  • thoughtful
  • organized
  • subtle
  • opinionated
  • subservient
  • possessive
  • impatient
  • workaholic
  • stubborn
stuff and thangs
inside whitney’s head

thoughts on her childhood…

i came from a really “all american” family. i grew up in washington, dc. and my father was in the world for politics. thank god though, he wasn’t an actual politician. that would have been awful! but no, he was a policy analyst. he worked very closely with politicians though, probably too much. but he was well respected, and also a workaholic. and it was very conflicting growing up like that, it caused some real problems between my parents. my mother was a real estate agent. selling houses was her game and she got to be home a lot more than my father. and i came from a family of three children, that sometimes didn’t see their dad very much. and that was hard sometimes. so hard, in fact, my parents nearly got divorced and separated for like a month after my father found out my mother’s coworker hit on her. she didn’t even do anything, he just didn’t like that somebody was giving her attention. and somehow, it turned into a huge fight. the family nearly crumbled, but thank god.. it did not.

thoughts on her twin...

i grew up having a twin sister. she was my best friend all my life. no other friend i ever made would ever compare to the connection to the girl i shared a womb with. we were fraternal twins. we looked pretty different. in high school, things really got wild though. we were in very different crowds. my sister wanted to be in the movies. she was in drama, had a lot of friends, went to parties. and people always tried to involve us in the same things. but i wasn’t like my sister. i was thinking about college, life after everything. after the outbreak, i tried to hold my family close. but my sister, she was the only one i was able to hold onto. being a social worker, i was at her workplace at the time. she was in a retirement home and i was handling a case there. and before we knew it, one of the recently dead elderly came back to life and attacked. we barely made it out of there. in fact, my sister… wasn’t so lucky. she got bit. at the time we had no idea what that meant. we tried to venture to safety as she got weaker and weaker. and eventually she couldn’t take it anymore. she died right there in my arms, right after we found my fiance.

thoughts on her brother...

my brother was one of those popular, charming boys growing up. he always got a lot of attention from everyone. but despite how weird and cocky he was with his friends and around girls, he was always different with the family. respectable, loyal, caring. it was never really clear why he wanted to fit in so badly, but he did. i had no idea where he was when the outbreak first started. it was long after i lost my sister, that we did finally find him. my fiance went out on a run one day and he went missing for nearly twenty-four hours. we were held up in a library at the time. and i thought for sure, he wasn’t coming back. but he did. and he wasn’t alone, either. my brother and a few others were with him. he had been out there for weeks with some of his friends, fighting and looking for us. it was amazing to have him there. but he also had terrible news of what became of our parents. or at least our mother, who he found dead- well, undead. we never actually knew what happened to our father, since he was working in a very populated area and it was a massacre. i thought everything was going to be okay after that. i had my brother at least, my fiance, and miranda. but it didn’t last very long. before i found the feds, the library fell. it was a nightmare. many people didn’t make it out, barely any of them. and my brother… he was one of the fallen.

thoughts on love...

i didn’t get very serious into relationship when i was young. everyone thought i was just a pretty face. and sure, maybe i’m pretty. but the fact that everyone wanted me for that one quality really turned me off from trying to date. honestly, i had more relationships within my own friends and people i knew that i was close too, at least more than random men i met and tried to date. my fiance was no different. he was actually a friend of one of my ex-boyfriend’s i had in college. always thought he was the cutest thing ever. and he always thought i was the prettiest most interesting person he’d ever met. at least, that’s what he told me. we got along and were very good friends. but then when i broke up with that ex boyfriend and we graduated, we lost touch. but apparently he never left dc. we bumped into each other at a bar and we stayed in contact. we saw each other more and more and it wasn’t until we were close “friends” that anything happened. and after it did, we dated. and before we knew it, two years had gone by and he was proposing to me. we were a couple months away from the wedding when the outbreak happened. i found them later, with my dying sister in that library. and after the library fell, and it was the three of us, we were really lucky to find the feds and find our place with them. my fiance went on the runs and i stayed on the inside and was mostly used for my brains. but on one run, something went wrong. he didn’t make it back. apparently they were jumped and my fiance was shot. they couldn’t even bring back the body, for the dead were on them. that was over a year ago now and sometimes i still think about him casually walking through that door like nothing ever happened. he was the only man i truly loved and i’m not sure if i’ll be able to find that again. at least not in this world.

thoughts on her “daughter”...

i have a daughter named miranda. but she’s not mine, not biologically. her name is miranda and she was the child of a couple myself and my fiance got very close too in the library. we ended up being there for a couple months, trying to survive there, hoping help would come soon. but it just never did. when the library fell, so did that couple. and i saved their daughter, miranda. i made them a promise that if anything happened to them, i would take her in as my own. and that’s exactly what i did. i managed to somehow save her, and myself. and we got out of there with my fiance. luckily we did find the feds when we did, before we were in serious trouble. miranda and i already had a solid relationship to start. but now i really consider her like, my daughter. i’ve basically adopted her as my own child. she’s my responsibility now. she looked at me and my fiance as parents and when he died, she took that really hard. everything i do now, i do it for her. for all of us.

thoughts on the federalists...

when i find stumbled upon the federalists, it had been days on the streets, just barely making it day by day. it was me, my fiance, and miranda. and we needed protection. they took us in without much question. especially seeing we had a child. and we all did our part. my fiance was a runner, i was able to help solve problems they were having with my experience as a social worker, and my daughter helped with the cooking. the white house was standing, and it still is. but then the saviors showed up and made life really hard for a long time. they were constantly coming to just take everything from us. it was terrible and we had to live like that for far too long. but the others weren’t having it. they planned an attack and it was terrible wrong. we had to all sit there and watch shawn and lucas being beaten to death with a bat. just when i thought things couldn’t get any worse. helen’s had to take over the leadership and i’ve been the best adviser for her that i can be, among some others, but we can’t let this go. negan and the saviors have to be stopped. or we’re not going to survive much longer.

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