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The rules
  • This site is rated PG-13. However, if you would like a graphic or mature thread that would fall into a more mature rating, you are more than welcome to create one, however these threads must be in the "Mature Threads" forum, located here which is an age-protected forum and only allowed to be used by members over the age of 18.
  • Canons are first come first serve. Reservations will last for five (5) days. If a character is not created within that time, your reservation will be removed and the canon may be reclaimed by another member.
  • For all characters, original and canon, When registered, you have 5 days to start an application, and 5 days from the time you start your application to finish said application. If you need more than 5 days, please speak to an admin and we will be more than happy to be assist you.
  • Discrimination or prejudice of any kind will not be tolerated in any OOC areas.
  • Do not post anywhere IC until application has been accepted. You may, however, post in the OOC boards.
  • No OOC fights on the board or otherwise. If there is a problem, please PM an admin and we will help mediate the situation.
  • Be respectful to admins and other members.
  • No Trolling
  • Do not advertise in the chat boxes. Please restrict all advertisments to the advertising forum here.
  • Three strikes and you're out! We have a three strike policy in place on GODS. The first rule break will result in a warning. The second rule break is another warning followed by close moderation of your activity on the site. A third rule break will result in a ban.
Character Creation
  • OOC accouts are allowed and encouraged! Please register all OOC accounts with the first letter capitalized, like this: Alias
  • When registering a new character, please register in First Last format, capitalizing the first letter in each name.
  • Sub-Accounts are enabled, to allow easy switching between character accounts. Because of this, please create a separate account for every character you create. Playing two characters through one account name is not permitted.
  • Application titles should be in this format: Last Name, First name
  • The topic description should be: age(in numbers) | Group | Playby
  • You may post a WIP in the app section. Please let the staff know when it is finished! If you finish within five days and do not inform us, your app may be deleted without review.
  • No Mary Sues or Gary Stus!
  • Please stay as true as possible to the personalities of canon characters. Blatant changing of canon personalities will be subject to warnings and if the problem persists, the removal of the canons in question from your care.
  • We will not be accepting characters under the age of twelve.
  • Any wanted ad that is being filled must be approved by the requester before it is approved by the admin.
  • A canon character is not required to engage in any canon ships that occur. Anyone who creates a canon character has the right to ship their canon with any character they would like, canon, OC, or otherwise.
  • For Canons and Original Characters, ships can be outlandish, crazy, or even taboo if you want them to be! The only ships frowned upon are paedophilic (do not ship older characters with characters under the age of 18) and self-ships (do not ship your character with another character that you play, that is simply not fun for anyone).
  • Please do not thread with yourself outside your development board, those threads are best contained within your private area. If the event is important to your character plot, just link it in their thread tracker or something of the like. You can be in a thread twice if you have another person in the thread that is not written by you.
  • In the Mature forums, you may have characters younger than 18 having sex. (After all, two sixteen years olds in real life certainly have sex. Why wouldn't they in the apocalypse?) However, you may not have any character over 18 having sex with a character under 18. As we said in the bullet above, we do not accept pedophilia on the site. Two characters of the same age is not pedophilia.
  • If you would like to play a character that has died in their canon universe, please message one of the admins for permission. We will allow most of these characters, but you must provide a compelling reason as to why they are alive.
  • If someone creates a character who is directly tied with a canon who has died (example: Maggie Greene is Beth Greene's sister) then they will be allowed to decide if the canon they are tied to lives or dies in their app. If a Maggie, for example, were to reference Beth's death since a Beth was not in play at the time of her creation, then no one would be allowed to take Beth. However, depending on the plot of the site, there may be instances a canon such as Beth may be killed, but different than in show canon. Please talk to the admin if you are taking a character who may be deciding the deaths of other canons so we can inform you on anything you may need to know when writing that app for them.
  • We will be stricter on apps for canons, both alive and dead in current show time. There are a lot of people looking to play canons, and we need to make sure that the person who actually gets to play the character can impress us with their app, so we know they are worthy of playing the canon to their fullest potential. An app that we do not find up to snuff will be pended and asked for more details. See the below rules for pended apps.
  • We have a three strike policy with apps. If your app is pended three times and you still have not fixed all of the problems with the app, the fourth post will be an automatic decline of your character. At that point you may not re-app that character, but you may try your hand at another one should you wish it.
  • All characters must have a face. Canon characters must claim the face of one of the actors who has portrayed the character. Because of this, no original characters may use the face of a canon, unless the below rule applies.
  • FCs of characters who have died in the canon universe are allowed as Original Characters' face claims. (example: An original character may use Jon Bernthal's face) However, claiming a deceased canon's fc means that canon may not be brought back from the dead as long as the OC is still active on the site. If you want to make a deceased canon and their face is already claimed by an OC, you may talk with them to see if they will agree to change their face claim. If they will not agree to that, then you must wait until the time that their character is no longer active to revive your canon.
  • Avatars of characters and the main app image may not be from the comics, or cartoon pictures of any kind.
  • Check the Face Claim and ensure that the face you wish to use is not already claimed.
  • Face claim reserves last 5 days. If there is a reserve up for a face, you may not claim it unless the 5 days have passed without an app being posted.
  • Wanted Ad "reserves" on the face claim page are not to be treated as a reserve. They are there to entice others to take wanted ad by listing the faces within. Should you want to play one of the faces in that wanted ad section, read the ad first. If you still want the face but not the ad, you must contact the poster if the wanted ad and let them know they will need to change the wanted ad face.
  • Play-Bys must be real, public people. (Please bear in mind that there are some celebrities that do not want their faces used in roleplays.)
  • ABSOLUTELY NO CHILD ACTORS. As per Jcink ToS, all faces must be at least of thirteen years of age. When using a young play-by all of their pictures used must be from after they have turned 13.
Acceptance & Activity
  • There will be an activity check every month. It will be conducted by the admin behind the scenes. We will check how many times you have posted in the past month, anyone who has not been active during the month will be messaged and given a week to get active again or risk losing their character.
  • Here on GODS, we reserve the right to kill off any Original characters who are abandoned by their player. They will be added to their group's obituary section. The first time a character is abandoned, their obituary will be labeled 'missing-presumed dead'. Should the writer return and claim their character again, their character can be removed from the obituary list, as they have been 'found'. However, the second time a character is abandoned with no warning, the character will be permanently killed off and cannot be brought back. This rule, while harsh, is meant to discourage disappearance from the site without warning.
  • Piggybacking off of the above, please let us know if you are leaving for any short or long amount of time over here. As long as you have an LOA up, your character will not be killed off, and we will also be lenient on you in Activity Checks.
  • You must have all claims filled in to be allowed to post on the site. Remember, there are three claims on Gods. The Face Claim, The Who's Who, and The Group-specific Claim. Don't forget this last claim.
  • Your first character must have 5 in character posts before a second can be posted. Afterwards, you may create as many characters as you would like with no post requirement.
  • Your first character cannot be a group leader. Because Group Leaders are so important to our site, we cannot allow just anyone to claim them. You must prove to us that you are an enthusiastic and active member with at least your first character before you can create a Group Leader.
Roleplaying on the Site
  • This will come as no surprise, but No God-Moding or Power Playing. This means you can not control another person's characters unless given permission.
  • No Liquid Time. The site is by season, relating as close as possible to the season of the Northern Hemisphere. Because of this, please try to keep a reasonable timeline for your characters.
  • When creating a thread, you must make your thread description the season and year that your thread is taking place. For example "Mid Fall 2018". You may add other information after this if you wish.
  • Please be realistic with pregnancies on this site. All characters, canon or otherwise are rolling the dice with babies. No woman is guaranteed safety when having a child when the world is over. A pregnancy is also a nine-month commitment, so if you choose to have a pregnant character, be sure to make sure the birth is in as realistic a timeline as possible.
  • All IC posts must be written in 3rd person.
  • All characters are responsible for their actions. There are no take backs. Once a post is posted, it can not be taken back. Remember, actions have consequences. We will not force anyone to change the content of their responses to your posts just because you don't like the reactions other characters had to your thoughtless actions. The exception, of course, being a post that contains godmodding of your character.
  • No one is lucky all the time, characters who end up lucky all the time will have their players spoken to. No one is perfect, that makes for uninteresting role play. Repeated reminders about this sort of thing will follow the same rules as other warnings.
  • Like the rule above, no one knows everything; you as a player may be omnipotent about certain things; but your character would not have access to all pieces of knowledge you have. Just because you know something doesn't mean they do, use common sense about this and if you don't know if your character would know something or not; ask! No one is going to be upset with you for asking questions, we would rather you ask to be sure one way or the other about something other than just assuming. Repeated offenses of this will result in consequences.
  • We write applications for a reason! Try to keep motivations and backstories consistent with what you write in that app. Waffling on the facts with the characters you create without significant plausible reasons why will result in a warning. It is too confusing when details are inconsistent and others playing with you don't know what your character's flavor of the day is going to be.
  • Please tag any triggers that may be forthcoming in your posts in the topic title or description of your thread. Any mature threads, or threads that may be considered rated R in any way, must be placed in the Dark Side thread. If you have a thread that unexpectedly turns mature, please message an admin right away and we will move the threads for you ASAP. C od ew o rd: S ou rdo ug h br ea d
  • We ask that everyone please use proper grammar on the site. We understand a typo here and there from posting on mobile, but constant improper grammar will result in a PM from the admins.
  • Avatars are 200 x 450
  • Mini Gif/Icon in mini profile is a square GIF.
  • App Images for characters are 500 x 600.
  • Give credit where credit is due.
  • If you use a posting format or anything else from sites such as Caution 2.0, ATF, RPG-D, Leave the credits on!
  • Speaking of credit, thanks to Jax of Whispers into Screams for the majority of these rules!
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