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The Plot
In April of 2010 the world as we know it was lost forever.

The world was plagued by the walking dead but those who survived among them, the living, came out stronger than they had been before. They not only survived, but they thrived. Years passed and walkers became the least of their concerns. Suddenly, the virus that reanimated the dead wasn't their worst enemy. Other survivors were. And no one was more deadly a foe than Negan, the leader of The Saviors.

The Saviors, true to fashion, used other communities to survive. The Hilltop and The Kingdom were two of many they had bending to their will. As always, The Saviors were searching for more communities to conquer. It was their main goal, and a particular group of Saviors on motorcycles took that task to heart. Bud, the lieutenant in charge, thought he'd caught a lucky break when he came across a large truck on the road. He held two people at gunpoint: Abraham Ford and Sasha Williams and demanded all of their property. As he walked forward, threatening to shoot, he made the fatal mistake of not checking to see if they were alone. Daryl Dixon, armed with a rocket launcher, took one shot and blew up all of the brigade, save for Bud. Realizing he was outnumbered and outgunned, Bud made a hasty retreat, but swore that Negan would be coming for the Alexandrians and all of their belongings. The three laughed his threats off, but true to form, a few weeks later Negan had found them.

Rick and his group were in a different position than you may know when the Saviors rolled up to their gates. They hadn't come in contact with The Hilltop yet, and they hadn't taken the lives of an entire outpost. Negan came to their door with the same proposition he had every time. But this time, Rick was open to the idea. Another big, strong, group could be a vital ally. So without bloodshed, but with the expected sassy banter, Negan and Rick struck up a deal. The Saviors wouldn't kill Rick's people, or take from them like other groups. In exchange, Rick's group similarly would not kill The Saviors or aid anyone in taking them down. And, any of The Saviors that wished it would be able to visit Alexandria as a second home, and make use of their luxuries, so long as they didn't take any home with them.

The Saviors assumed they would be free and clear after this deal, but as is expected, they still have enemies. A war is brewing under the surface with one of the new groups under their thumb known as The Federalists. Negan killed two of their people for attacking an outpost he was setting up. An outpost meant to enforce the deal he'd struck with the group not too long ago. And those who survived Negan's punishment are thirsty for vengeance and will do whatever it takes to see their world fall.

Who will survive?

Who will die?

Who will turn?

The choice is yours.

Important Plot Info
This site is AU after Season 6 Episode 8 of The Walking Dead, Start to Finish. However, in our plot the events of Season 6 Episode 9 (No Way Out) all happened save for Bud, the lead savior of the brigade that Daryl blew up, survived the attack. All events after No Way Out are completely AU.

The Federalists mentioned above are a site-created canon group, which you can read more about here and here.

We allow canons who have died prior to where the site goes AU to be revived as long as there is a plausible alternative as to how they escaped their fate, so if there is a canon you are itching to play, join us and we shall see how we can get your character on the board!

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